NSM 2006

International Congress

"NonStandard Methods and Applications in Mathematics"

Pisa, May 25-31, 2006

Opening Talk

Peter Loeb

A brief history of the world (of nonstandard analysis)

* * *

Ricardo Almeida

M-Differentiability Of An Internal Functionslides

Robert M. Anderson

Equilibrium In Continuous-time Financial Markets:
Endogenously Dynamically Complete Markets

John L. Bell

Smooth Infinitesimal Analysis And Physics

Vieri Benci

How To Measure The Size Of Setsslides

Eric Benoit

Averaging And Signal Processingslides.1slides.2

Alessandro Berarducci

O-Minimal Spectra, Infinitesimal Subgroups And Cohomology

Abdelmadjid Boudaoud

La Conjecture De Dickson Et Classes Particulières D'entiers

J.F. Colombeau

Nonlinear Generalized Functions And Infinitesimalsslides

Nigel J. Cutland

Nonhomogeneous Stochastic Navier-stokes Equationsslides

B. M. Antunes Dinis

On A Possible Set Of Axioms For The External Numbers Of Nonstandard Analysisslides

Philip Ehrlich

The Absolute Arithmetic Continuum And The Unification Of All Numbers Great And Smallslides

Ali Enayat

Iterated Ultrapowers And Automorphismsslides

Thomas Forget

Canard Solutions Near A Degenerated Turning Pointslides

Antongiulio Fornasiero

Cech Cohomology Of Definable Sets In O-mimimal Structuresslides

Marco Forti

A Functional Characterization of Nonstandard Modelsslides

Yvon Gauthier

Polynomial And Functional Interpretations: Constructive Foundations For Non-standard Arithmetic

Guido Gherardi

Nonstandard Methods In Computability Theoryslides

E. Gordon

Mathematics In A Hyperfinite Worldslides

J.m. Henle

Stealth Infinitesimals

Frederik S. Herzberg

A Combinatorial Infinitesimal Representation Of Lévy Processes And Possible Applicationsslides

Karel Hrbacek

Relative Set Theoryslides

Tahir H. Ismail

Ibrahim O. Hamad

The Currvature of Envelope of a Family of Straight Lines in a Plane

Renling Jin

Nonstandard Methods For Freiman's Inverse Problemsslides

Vladimir Kanovei

Nonstandard Class Theories

H. Jerome Keisler

Quantifiers In Limitsslides

Roman Kossak

Second Order Structure Of Models Of First Order Arithmeticslides

Franz Viktor Kuhlmann

What Do Nonstandard Methods Tell Us About Formal Laurent Series Fields Over Finite Fields?

Salma Kuhlmann

Nonarchimedean Models Of O-minimal Expansions Of (R,+, ·, <)slides

Steven C. Leth

Some Nonstandard Notes On The Fixed Point Property In The Planeslides

Tom Lindstrøm

Nonlinear Stochastic Integrals For Hyperfinite Léy Processesslides

Peter Loeb

A General Fatou Lemma For The Gelfand Integralslides

Angus Macintyre

Nonstandard Analysis And Algebraic Geometry

Natália Martins

Mountain Pass Theorems Without Palais-smale Conditionsslides

Shigeaki Nagamachi

A Model Of Quantum Field Theory With A Fundamental Lengthslides

Toru Nakamura

Time-development Of Explosions And A Path-space Measure For Diffusion Process With Repulsive Higher Order Driftslides

Vítor Neves

Nonstandard Critical Point Theoryslides

Igor N. Neygebauer

The Problem To Find The Nonlinear Nonsingular Solutions Of Mathematical Physics

Takashi Nitta

Infinitesimal Fourier Transformation For The Space Of Functionalsslides

Richard O'Donovan

Relative Infinitesimals: A Promising Approach For High-school Teaching Of Analysisslides

Horst Osswald

On Orthogonal Lévy Martingales And Malliavin Calculus Based On Chaosslides

Hans Ploss

Nonstandard Proof Of The Dunford-pettis-theorem

Pavel Poluyan

Financial Quantum And Quantity Of Name

Roberto C. Raimondo

A Random Walk Approach To The Principal-agent Problem

David A. Ross

Applications Of S-measurability To Regularity And Limit Theoremsslides

S. Sanders

Erna + Transferslides

Tewfik Sari

Singular Perturbations Methods In Control Theoryslides

Denis I. Saveliev

A Game On The Universe Of Setsslides

F. Baptista Soares

Non-standard Analysis Fear Creates Non-sense Analysis: The Case Of Pre-university Portuguese Manuals

Yeneng Sun

Independent Random Matchingslides

Kazuyuki Tanaka

Non-standard Methods And Reverse Mathematicsslides

K. Tchizawa

On A Bifurcation Delay In Differential equations With A Delayed Time 2nπslides

J. Teixeira

local And Global Existence And Uniqueness Of Smooth Solutions Of A Modified Burgers Equation In Rη

Todor D. Todorov

Non-standard Approach To J.f. Colombeau's Non-linear Theory Of Generalized Functions And A Delta-like Solution Of Hopf's Equationslides

Alex Usvyatsov

Applications Of Ultraproduct Constructions In Model Theory Of Metric Spaces

Nader Vakil

What Happens When Two Infinitesimal Relations Coincide?slides

Imme Van Den Berg

River Phenomenon For Difference Equations

Guy Wallet

Scaling In A Metric Spaceslides

Heinz Weisshaupt

A Nonstandard Approach To The Sensitivity Analysis Of Diffusions

Andrzej Wisnicki

On The Structure Of Fixed-point Sets Of Nonexpansive Mappingsslides

Jiang-Lun Wu

On Nonstandard Product Measure Spaces And Duality For Martingale Propertyslides

Armen H. Zemanian

The Galaxies Of Nonstandard Enlargements Of Infinite And Transfinite Graphs

Pavol Zlatoš

Approximate Extension Of Partial ε-Characters Of Abelian Groups To Characters With Application To Integral Point Latticesslides

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