NSM 2006

International Congress

"NonStandard Methods and Applications in Mathematics"

Pisa, May 25-31, 2006

Here is a map of the central part of Pisa, where sites of interests for NSM2006 are indicated.

Useful links about Pisa

Official Web site of the city council:


Opera della Primaziale Pisana (The Leaning Tower), museum and tickets:


Azienda Promozione Turismo Pisa (Tourist Office):


Reaching Pisa by flight

When reserving your ticket, we suggest you to double check with your agency whether your flight actually lands in Pisa Airport or in Florence Airport (sometimes, tickets generically indicate Pisa/Florence airport).

Reaching Pisa by train

The "Pisa centrale" railway station is located (almost) in center of town.
There are direct trains from Rome, Florence, Milan, Genoa and many other cities to "Pisa centrale".
For information about timetables, visit the web site:


Reaching the Conference site

The conference will be held at Department of Mathematics "Leonida Tonelli", located at Largo Pontecorvo 5, inside the University Complex "Fibonacci", at walking distance from the historic center of Pisa.

Buses number 2 and number 4, connect the "Pisa Centrale" railway station to the Department of Mathematics
Bus number 1 connects Pisa Airport "Galileo Galilei" to "Pisa Centrale" railway station.

Other information are available at the Depertment web site:


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