NSM 2006

International Congress

"NonStandard Methods and Applications in Mathematics"

Pisa, May 25-31, 2006

NSM2006 will take place at the Math. Department of the University of Pisa, and will include sessions of plenary talks and sessions of contributed talks, focused on the various topics related to nonstandard methods (foundations, new methods, applications, teaching, etc.)

Registration will start on Thursday, May 25, at 5pm in the hall of the Math. Department.

The opening session will start on Thursday, May 25, at 6.30pm, in "Aula Magna" of the Math. Department. After a brief welcome from the Chair of the Department, the opening talk, entitled "A Brief History of the World (of Nonstandard Analysis), will be delivered by Peter Loeb. Some remarks from members of the Scientific Committee will close the session.

The welcome cocktail is scheduled at 7.30pm, right after the opening session.

Sessions are scheduled on Friday, May 26th (both morning and afternoon); on Saturday, May 27th (both morning and afternoon); on Monday, May 29th (both morning and afternoon); on Tuesday, May 30th (both morning and afternoon); and on Wednesday, May 31st (morning only).

The goodbye cocktail is scheduled at 1pm of Wednesday, May 31.

The final schedule is still in preparation, and will be available soon in the "Schedule" section of this web site. All abstracts of talks can be consulted in the "Abstract" section of this web site.

Social events of NSM2006

The social events of NSM2006 are a bus trip to Lucca (an attractive mediaeval town near Pisa) and the conference dinner.

The bus trip to Lucca is scheduled on Sunday, May 28th. The cost is 20 Euro + (optional) 20 Euro for lunch at "Trattoria da Leo" (typical local food will be served, here is the menu, a vegeterian menu is also available).

The program of the social trip is the following. At 9:00 a bus will be waiting for participants in front of the Math. Department, and will leave at 9:30am. In the morning, there will be a guided tour of Lucca with an authorized (English speaking) guide. Then participants will be left free to enjoy Lucca. The bus will drive back to Pisa at (approx.) 4:30pm.

The conference dinner of NSM2006 will be on Monday, May 29, at Restaurant "La Scaletta", located in via Pietrasantina 107. The cost is 30 Euro. [Please notice that the conference dinner is not included in the conference fee.]

Restaurant "La Scaletta" is located at walking distance from the leaning tower (10 minutes) and from the conference site (25 minutes). The menu consists of typical local cuisine of the Pisa area. Here is the menu (a vegeterian menu is also available).

The bus trip to Lucca is limited to 45 participants, and the social dinner at Restaurant "La Scaletta" is limited to 50 participants. If you want to participate to one or both these social events, you need to buy your tickets directly at the Conference desk while registering.

IMPORTANT: Only cash (in euros) will be accepted at the Conference desk (no credit cards). Please consider that the number of tickets is limited, and - in any case - no tickets will be sold after the morning of Friday, May 26.


(this may be expanded, contracted or otherwise modified as information from participants becomes available)

  1. Nonstandard Theories and Models, and Foundations of Nonstandard Methods
  2. Nonstandard Methods in Algebra, Algebraic Geometry and Topology
  3. Nonstandard Methods in Combinatorial Number Theory
  4. Nonstandard Methods in Functional Analysis
  5. Nonstandard Methods in Measure Theory, Stochastic Analysis, Probability and Statistics
  6. Nonstandard Methods in Dynamical Systems and Control Theory
  7. Nonstandard Methods in Differential Equations
  8. Nonstandard Methods in the study of Navier-Stokes equations and in Mathematical Physics
  9. Nonstandard Methods in Economics and Finance
  10. Nonstandard Methods and Teaching
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