Invited talks

Vieri Benci

Nonstandard Methods in Analysis SLIDES

Vitaly Bergelson

Ultrafilters and Ergodic Ramsey Theory

Andreas Blass

Ultrafilters and Set Theory SLIDES

Nigel Cutland

Stochastic Navier-Stokes equations: ideas and results using nonstandard analysis SLIDES

David H. Fremlin

Ultrafilters in Measure Theory

Neil Hindman

Algebra in the Space of Ultrafilters and Ramsey Theory

Renling Jin

Ultrapower of N and Density Problems SLIDES

Marius Junge

Ultraproducts in Functional Analysis SLIDES

Melvin B. Nathanson

Problems in Additive Number Theory with an Ultrafilter Flavor

Itay Neeman

Ultrafilters, Determinacy, and Large Cardinals SLIDES

Jaroslav Nesetril

Some Topics on Non-Ramsey Connection of Combinatorics and Ultrafilters

Boban Velickovic

Set Theoretic Aspects of the Space of Ultrafilters beta(N) SLIDES

Contributed talks

Mathias Beiglbock

A variant of the Hales-Jewett Theorem SLIDES

Piotr Borodulin-Nadzieja

On pseudo-intersections and condensers SLIDES

Abdelmadjid Boudaoud

On the terms of unlimited rank of Lucas sequences SLIDES

Ulf Clotz

Topology from a Remote Point of View SLIDES

Daryl Cooper

Real Projective Structures on Manifolds and the Hyper-reals.

Abhijit Dasgupta

Logicless nonstandard analysis: an axiom system SLIDES

Marco Forti

Counting infinite point sets SLIDES

Stefano Francaviglia

Asymptotic cones of metric spaces and related topics

Arthur D. Grainger

Remarks on Ultrafilters on the Collection of Finite Subsets of an Infinite Set

Gonsalo Gutierres

Ultrafilters, Closure operators and the Axiom of Choice SLIDES

Frederik Herzberg

A definable framework for nonstandard analysis SLIDES

Dirk Hofmann

Some aspects of ultrafilter convergence in Topology

Karel Hrbaceck

Relative set theory SLIDES

Peter Krautzberger

Idempotent ultrafilters and finer topologies on beta(N) SLIDES

Leonard Kwuida

Prime ideal theorem for weakly dicomplemented lattices SLIDES

Sonia L'Innocente

Ultraproducts and Lie algebras: some possible interactions SLIDES

Ya-Qing Li

Defining new generalized functions by nonstandard discrete functions and difference quotients SLIDES

Paolo Lipparini

Variations on properties of ultrafilters related to compactness of topological spaces and to model-theoretical principles SLIDES

Daniar Mushtari

Ultraproducts and contiguity

Richard O'Donovan

Analysis using relative infinitesimals SLIDES

Serpil Pehlivan

Weak Ideal Convergence in Banach spaces

Aleksandar Perovic

A remark on ultrapower cardinality and the continuum problem SLIDES

Igor Protasov

Dynamical equivalence on G*

Yves Raynaud

Ultraproducts and characterization of certain classes of classical Banach lattices SLIDES

Ireneusz Reclaw

Ideal limits of sequences of continuous functions and a game SLIDES

David Ross

Automatic continuity of nonstandard measures SLIDES

Denis I. Saveliev

On Hindman sets SLIDES

Christian Serpe'

Nonstandard Methods in Algebraic Geometry SLIDES

Joao Paulo Teixeira

Local-in-time existence and regularity of the n-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations via discretizations SLIDES

M. Akbari Tootkaboni

Comfort order on locally compact topological spaces

Boaz Tsaban

Super ultrafilters and Ramsey theory SLIDES

Hans Vernaeve

Algebras of generalized functions and nonstandard analysis SLIDES