Graduate students, young researchers, and contributors from disadvantaged areas are invited to apply for financial support. Applications will be processed by the Scientific Committee, and the number and size of assigned grants will depend on the funds available. Please note that funds will be in any case limited.

Grants will provide support to cover the registration fee and/or accommodation/travel costs (possibly only in part).

The deadline for grant applications is Monday, March 31. Applicants will be notified by Monday, April 14th.

Submit your application by email to the Congress address: indicating "Financial support" in the subject. Please strictly follow these instructions:

  • Specify which of the following qualifications apply to you : (1) Graduate Student; (2) Young researcher; (3) Contributor from a disadvantaged area. (You may specify more than one.)
  • If you are a graduate student, ask your advisor to send us a recommendation letter by email.
  • If you are a young researcher, include a short CV, and attach the abstract of the talk that you are willing to contribute.
  • If you are from a disadvantaged area, include a short CV, specifying your current affiliation.
  • Indicate the minimum level of support that would be necessary for you to be able to attend ULTRAMATH. (This means that without this you would not be able to participate.)
  • DO NOT send us any .doc attachment (nor any other proprietary format), but only use plain text or public formats (.txt, .tex., html, .pdf, .ps).
  • Provide any additional information that you think may help the Scientific Committee in their allocation of grants for ULTRAMATH.