The Congress will take place at the Mathematics Department of the University of Pisa. All lectures will be held in "Aula Magna". The schedule will include sessions for invited talks and contributed talks.

Registration will start Sunday, June 1, at 5 pm (at the Math Dept.), followed by a welcome cocktail, starting 6 pm. There will be morning sessions and afternoon sessions on Monday June 2, Tuesday June 3, Thursday June 5 and Friday June 6. The last session of talks is scheduled for the morning of Saturday, June 7. There will be a closing cocktail starting at noon. The schedule of talks can be found in the "Schedule" section of this web site.

The whole day of Wednesday June 4 is reserved for the SOCIAL TRIP to Lucca and Montecarlo + SOCIAL DINNER. For a description, click here. The total cost of social trip + social dinner is 30 Euros. (Part of the expenses are covered by the organization.) Tickets will be sold at the Conference desk when registering. Please note that only cash (euros) will be accepted (no credit cards, sorry).

During the congress, a wireless connection will be running in the area of "Aula Magna", the room at the Math Dept. where all lectures will be held. Starting Tuesday June 3rd, participants can also have access to a computer room, with 10 PCs connected to internet. (Monday June 2nd is Italian national holiday, and the Math Department will only be open for participants of Ultramath).

Here is the pdf file of the Ultramath poster. Please note that it is a BIG file (16 MB).

Invited Speakers:

  • Vieri Benci (Univ. of Pisa, Italy): Nonstandard Methods in Analysis
  • Vitaly Bergelson (Ohio State Univ., USA): Ultrafilters and Ergodic Ramsey Theory
  • Andreas Blass (Univ. of Michigan, USA): Ultrafilters and Set Theory
  • Nigel Cutland (Univ. of York, UK): Stochastic Navier-Stokes equations: ideas and results using nonstandard analysis
  • David Fremlin (Univ. of Essex, UK): Ultrafilters in Measure Theory
  • Neil Hindman (Howard Univ., USA): Algebra in the Space of Ultrafilters and Ramsey Theory
  • Renling Jin (Coll. of Charleston, USA): Ultrapower of the Natural Numbers and Density Problems
  • Marius Junge (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana, USA): Ultraproducts and Functional Analysis
  • WITHDRAWN: Angus MacIntyre (Queen Mary Univ. of London, UK): Ultraproducts in Algebra and Geometry
  • Melvyn Nathanson (CUNY, USA): Problems in Additive Number Theory with an Ultrafilter Flavor
  • Itay Neeman (UCLA, USA): Ultrafilters, Determinacy, and Large Cardinals
  • Jaroslav Nesetril (Charles Univ., Czech R.): Some Topics on non-Ramsey Connection of Combinatorics and Ultrafilters
  • Boban Velickovic (Univ. Paris VII, France): Set Theoretic Aspects of the Space of Ultrafilters beta(N)