Riccardo Benedetti's research activity

Main research themes: Until the 90s: mostly real (semi) algebraic geometry and the real algebraic models for smooth or polyhedral structures (main collaborators: A. Tognoli, M. Dedo', J-J. Risler, M. Shiota, F. Acquistapace, F. Broglia). Later: mostly the geometry and topology of low dimensional manifolds; classical and quantum 3-dimensional hyperbolic geometry; classical and quantum 3-dimensional gravity (main collaborators: C. Petronio, S. Baseilhac, F. Bonsante, A. Marin, R. Silhol, R. Frigerio, E. Guadagnini, J-M. Gambaudo).

Current research topics::

I have directed the PhD theses of Daniele Alessandrini, Silvia Benvenuti, Francesco Bonsante, Francois Costantino, Rosa Gini, Domenico Luminati, Carlo Petronio who are all active researchers in mathematics.

Some of my papers

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