Structured  Numerical Linear Algebra Problems:

Algorithms and Applications

Cortona, Italy, September 19-24, 2004


(updated September 17)

Monday, September 20

  9.15  Opening
  9.30 G. Golub "Structured Linear Least Squares Problems"
10.00 M. Benzi, M. Ng, "Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting preconditioners for weighted Toeplitz least squares problems" , slides
10.30 D. Bertaccini "Updating incomplete factorizations for PDEs", slides

11.00  Break

11.30 D. Calvetti "Aristelian prior boundary conditions"
12.00 F. Di Benedetto, P. Brianzi, C. Estatico "Preconditioned Landweber method for space-invariant image deblurring"
12.30 M. Donatelli, S. Serra Capizzano "On the regularizing power of multigrid-type algorithms", slides

13.00-15.00  Lunch

15.00 S. Serra Capizzano "Boundary conditions and fast deblurring methods"
15.30 R. Chan "Principal Component Analysis for Large Distributed and Continuously Updating Data Sets", slides

16.00  Break

16.30 C. Di Fiore, S. Fanelli, P. Zellini "Adaptive Low Complexity Algorithms for Unconstrained Minimization" , slides
17.00 D. Noutsos, S. Serra Capizzano, P. Vassalos "Asymptotic behavior of the condition number of two-level Toeplitz matrix sequences" ,  slides


Tuesday, September 21

  9.30 T. Huckle "Preconditioning Block Toeplitz matrices with small blocksize" , slides
10.00 R. Fischer "Multigrid preconditioning for anisotropic positive semidefinite Block-Toeplitz systems" , slides
10.30 C. Van Der Mee

11.00  Break

11.30 J. Nagy "Fast Algorithms for the Removal of Non-Uniform Motion Blurs" ,  slides
12.00 I. Gerace, F. Cricco "Separation and restoration of texts in documents through ICA techniques"
12.30 B. Plestenjak "Numerical methods for tridiagonal quadratic eigenvalue problems" , slides

13.00-15.00  Lunch

15.00 N. Higham "Functions Preserving Matrix Groups and Iterations for the Matrix Square Root" ,  slides
15.30 F. Tisseur "Structured Factorizations in Scalar Product Spaces" ,  slides

16.00  Break

16.30 B. Meini, D. Bini "Nonlinear matrix equations and canonical factorizations" , slides
17.00 B. Iannazzo "On the Newton method for the matrix $p$th root" ,  slides
17.30 M. Redivo Zaglia "Pseudo-Schur complements and their properties" ,  slides


Wednesday, September 22

  9.30 P. Dewilde "Interpolation and Approximation of Semi-separable Systems" ,  slides
10.00 Y. Eidelman, I. Gohberg, V. Olshevsky "$QR$ factorization and $QR$ iteration methods for quasiseparable matrices"
10.30 L. Gemignani "QR-algorithms for eigenvalue computation of structured matrices and polynomial roots" ,  slides

11.00  Break

11.30 V. Pan "Polynomial roots and matrix eigenvalues with structured matrices in the interplay"
12.00 M. Van Barel, S. Delvaux "Structures preserved by the QR-algorithm" ,  slides

12.30-14.00 Lunch

14.00  Excursion

Thursday, September 23

  9.30 C. Brezinski "The life and scientific works of A. Cholesky"
10.00 M. Arioli "A Chebyshev-based two-stage iterative method as an alternative to the direct solution of linear systems" ,  slides
10.30 C. Noschese, L. Pasquini "Eigenvalue Condition Numbers: Structured versus Traditional" , slides

11.00  Break

11.30 V. Olshevsky , Title to be announced, slides
12.00 L. Reichel "Anti-quadrature rules and associated matrices"
12.30 B. Beckermann "Singular values of small displacement rank matrices" ,  slides

13.00-15.00 Lunch

15.00 R. Plemmons "Low Rank Nonnegative Matrix Factorizations: Some Theory, Algorithms, and Applications" , slides
15.30 E. Tyrtyshnikov "Tensor approximation and inversion of structured matrices" ,  slides

16.00  Break

16.30 M. Tasche, G. Plonka, S. Serra Capizzano "Fast and numerically stable algorithms for discrete cosine and Hartley transforms" , slides
17.00 D. Potts, S. Kunis "Iterative Fourier reconstruction - stability of the interpolation problem" ,  slides
17.30 A. Eisinberg, G. Fedele "Polynomial interpolation and approximation on chebyshev extrema nodes" , slides


Friday, September 24

  9.30 S. Delvaux, M. Van Barel "Structures preserved by matrix inversion" ,  slides
10.00 G. Codevico, M. Van Barel, G. Heinig "Recursive and/or iterative refinement for a superfast solver for real symmetric Toeplitz systems based on real trigonometric transformations" ,  slides
10.30 N. Mastronardi "On computing the eigenvectors of symmetric tridiagonal and semiseparable matrices"

11.00  Break

11.30 D. Fasino, Some perspectives on the symmetric diagonal+semiseparable eigenvalue problem, slides
12.00 E. Van Camp, R. Vandebril, M. Van Barel, N. Mastronardi "Orthogonal similarity transformation of a symmetric matrix into a diagonal-plus-semiseparable one with free choice of the diagonal" , slides
12.30 Closure