Davide Lombardo

Course notes

Over time, I've written notes for various courses I've taken (or sometimes given). You find them below - use them at your peril!

Abelian varieties

I wrote some introductory notes on the arithmetic theory of abelian varieties. These were used for a summer school held in Luxembourg in July 2018 (see the "Program" section of the school's website for a video of the first lecture of the mini-course).

Lacunary polynomials

Notes for the course taught in Pisa by Franceso Amoroso in 2018.

Topics in Lie Theory

Notes for the course taught in Pisa by Alberto De Sole in 2018.

Nonabelian Chabauty

Notes written for a study group concerning Minhyong Kim's ideas on a non-abelian analogue of Chabauty's method. (Last updated: May 28th, 2018)