Arrangements: topology, combinatorics and stability

University of Pisa, 3-6 February 2016

The idea of the meeting is to gather a small and heterogeneous group of researchers working on configuration spaces and arrangements of subspaces, with special interest in the interplay between combinatorics and topology, in homological stability and in representation theory. An important role will be played by hyperplane and toric arrangements, reflection groups, braid groups and combinatorial models. We plan to have a rather small number of talks in an informal context, so as to allow ample time for discussions and collaboration.

Schedule and speakers:

Feb 3rd
Feb 4th
Feb 5th
Feb 6th
9:00 Dimca
9:30 Welcome Marin
10:00 Delucchi Coffee Blagojevich
10:30 Bailet Coffee
11:00 Coffee Coffee Torielli
11:30 Dupont Kozlov Vespa
12:45 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:45 Feichtner Sinha
15:45 Coffee Coffee
16:15 Moci Settepanella
17:15 Saini Paolini
20:00 Social Dinner

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The lectures will be held the Mathematics Department, at the University of Pisa, in "Aula Magna" (ground floor, building A). Here you can find directions for the Mathematics Department and plans of the Department.


Participants are not required to register. Nevertheless we will be grateful to you if you acknowledge your participation in advance contacting one of the organizers.

This workshop is supported by:

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Organizers: Filippo Callegaro, Giovanni Gaiffi and Mario Salvetti

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