Davide Lombardo

  1. Explicit open image theorems for abelian varieties with trivial endomorphism ring (submitted)

  2. On the uniform Rasmussen-Tamagawa conjecture in the CM case (submitted)

  3. The twisting Sato-Tate group of the curve $y^2=x^8-14x^4+1$ (joint with S. Arora, V. Cantoral-Farfán, A. Landesman, J. S. Morrow, submitted)

  4. Computing the geometric endomorphism ring of a genus-2 Jacobian (submitted).

    Click here to download an implementation of the algorithms described in the paper and tables of results. Here is some more specific MAGMA code to compute elliptic subcovers of a given genus 2 curve.

  5. Computing twists of hyperelliptic curves (joint with E. Lorenzo-Garcia, submitted). Here is some MAGMA code to compute the twist of a particular genus-5 curve.

  6. Reductions of points on commutative algebraic groups (joint with A. Perucca, submitted)