NSM 2006

International Congress

"NonStandard Methods and Applications in Mathematics"

Pisa, May 25-31, 2006

Scientific Committee:

Vieri Benci (Pisa, Italy), Nigel J. Cutland (Swaziland and York, UK),
H. Jerome Keisler (Wisconsin, USA), David A. Ross (Hawaii, USA),
Yeneng Sun (National Univ., Singapore)


Department of Mathematics "Leonida Tonelli", University of Pisa
Department of Applied Mathematics "Ulisse Dini", University of Pisa

Chair: Mauro Di Nasso

EMAIL: nsm2006 (at) dm.unipi.it

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You can download here a pdf version of the poster of NSM2006.

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Robert M. Anderson (Univ. California, Berkeley, USA); John L. Bell (Univ. Western Ontario, Canada); Vieri Benci (Univ. Pisa, Italy); Eric Benoit (Univ. La Rochelle, France); Imme van den Berg (Univ. Evora, Portugal); Nigel J. Cutland (Univ. Swaziland and Univ. York, UK); Ali Enayat (American Univ., Washington, USA); Marco Forti (Univ. Pisa, Italy); Evgeny Gordon (Univ. Eastern Illinois, USA); Karel Hrbacek (CUNY, New York, USA); Renling Jin (Charleston C., USA); H. Jerome Keisler (Univ. Wisconsin, USA); Vladimir Kanovei (MCCME, Moscow, Russia); Roman Kossak (CUNY, New York, USA); Steven Leth (Univ. Northern Colorado, Greeley, USA); Tom Lindstrom (Univ. Oslo, Norway); Peter A. Loeb (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA); Angus Macintyre (Queen Mary Univ., London, UK); Toru Nakamura (Gakushuin Univ., Tokio, Japan); Vitor Neves (Univ. Aveiro, Portugal); Horst Osswald (LMU, Muenchen, Germany); David Ross (Univ. Hawaii, USA); Tewfik Sari (Univ. Haute Alsace, France); Yeneng Sun (National Univ., Singapore); Kazuyuki Tanaka (Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan); Alex Usvyatsov (UCLA, Los Angeles, USA); Jiang-Lun Wu (Univ. Wales, Swansea, UK); Armen Zemanian (Stony Brook Univ. New York, USA).


NSM 2006 continues the tradition of biennial meetings focused on nonstandard methods. While the fields of application of nonstandard analysis are diverse, the common methodologies and ideas make it appropriate to consider nonstandard methods as a unified mathematical field of research. NSM2006 is aimed to:

* Bring together researchers working on nonstandard methods and disseminate information about current developments in the subject.
* Encourage collaborations and interplay between nonstandard methodologies and their fields of applications in mathematics.

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