Stefano Riolo

email: stefanoA[dot]ErioloI[at]OunineU[dot]Ych

Post-doc in Neuchâtel, in the research unit “Hyperbolic Geometry and Combinatorial Structures” supervised by Sasha Kolpakov.
I did my PhD studies in Pisa under the supervision of Bruno Martelli, and sometimes you may still find me there.

Research fields: geometric topology, hyperbolic geometry, low-dimensional topology.

Specific interests: hyperbolic manifolds (especially of dimension four), deformations of geometric structures, geometric boundaries, Coxeter groups and polytopes, minimal spines of surfaces.


Published or accepted papers:

Papers in preparation: (tentative titles)

Phd thesis: Cone-manifolds and hyperbolic surgeries, available here.
There, you can also find an introduction to hyperbolic cone-manifolds of arbitrary dimension.

Last update: August 2019