Invited Speakers

M. Drmota, Asymptotic methods of enumeration and applications to Markov chain models.
I. Spitkovsky, A survey of Wiener-Hopf factorization. Known results and open problems.
Speaker Index

S. Ahn, V. Ramaswami, Bilateral phase type distributions
N. Antunes, C. Nunes, A. Pacheco, Functionals of Markovian branching D-BMAPs.
D. A. Bini, B. Meini, I. Spitkovsky, Shift techniques and canonical factorizations in the solution of M/G/1-type Markov chains.
A. Bobbio, A. Horváth, M. Telek, Matching three moments with minimal acyclic phase type distributions.
M. Fackrell, Fitting with Matrix-exponential Distributions.
D. Gamarnick, M. Squillante, Analysis of stochastic online bin packing processes.
A. Gomez-Corral, A. Krishnamoorthy, V. C. Narayanan, The impact of self-generation of priorities on multi-server queues with finite capacity.
D. Green, A. V. Metcalfe, Reliability of supply between production lines.
Q. He, H. Zhang, A note on unicyclic representations of phase type distributions.
H. W. Lee, J. W. Baek, BMAP/G/1 queue under D-policy: Queue length analysis.
Q.-L. Li, Z. Lian, L. Liu, A RG-Factorization approach for a BMAP/M/1 Generalized Processor-Sharing Queue.
H. Li, Y. Q. Zhao, A retrial queue with a constant retrial rate, server break downs and impatient customers.
H. Masuyama, T. Takine, Matrix product-form solutions for LCFS preemptive service single-server queues with batch Markovian arrival streams.
A. Motyer, Decay rates of QBD processes with countably many phases and tridiagonal block generators.
S. Nishimura, A spectral method for a nonpreemptive priority BMAP/G/1 queue.
L. Rabehasaina, B. Sericola, Transient analysis of averaged queue length in Markovian queues.
M.-A. Remiche, Compliance of the token bucket model with Markovian traffic.
A. da Silva Soares, G. Latouche, Level-phase independence for fluid queues.
D. A. Stanford, G. Latouche, D. G. Woolford, D. Boychuk, A. Hunchak, Erlangized fluid queues with application to uncontrolled fire perimeter.
D. Traczinski, W. Luther, G. Hasslinger, Polynomial factorization for servers with semi-Markovian workload: performance and numerical aspects of a verified solution technique.
A. Van de Liefvoort, A. Heindl, Approximating matrix-exponential distributions by global randomization.
N. D. Van Foreest, M. R. H. Mandjes, J. C. W. van Ommeren, W. R. W. Scheinhardt, A tandem queue with server slow-down and blocking.
B. Van Houdt, C. Blondia, Approximated transient queue length and waiting time distributions via steady state analysis.
J. Van Velthoven, B. Van Houdt, C. Blondia, Response time distribution in a D/MAP/PH/1 queue with general customer impatience.
M. Van Vuuren, I.J.B.F. Adan, Approximating the $\Sigma GI/G/s$ queue by using aggregation and matrix analytic methods.
L. B. White, A new policy evaluation algorithm for Markov decision processes with quasi-birth death structure.
J. Xue, A. S. Alfa, Tail probability of low-priority queue length in a discrete-time priority BMAP/PH/1 queue.
Q. Zhang, A. Heindl, E. Smirni, Characterizing the BMAP/MAP/1 departure process via the ETAQA truncation.