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The Departmental Center for Scientific Computing and New Technologies in Education (CS) of the Department of Mathematics of Pisa University hosts on this server several users' pages.

All user's pages can be reached by URLs of the form: or

For your comfort CS provides some lists :

  • staff: users working at Department of Mathematics of Pisa University
  • non staff: post doc, phd students, and similar positions
  • others: people who co-operates with staff at Department of Mathematics and have account and pages at CS.

And more:

  • events
  • unmaintained i.e. surviving pages of previous staff, non staff, others who do not have any more an account at CS for editing their pages

For all maintained pages: each user is responsable for the contents.

Removal of inappropriate unmaintained pages must be requested to CS or to the Director of Department of Mathematics of Pisa University.

WARNING: CS keeps these lists for your convenience, and updates them periodically, but information may be incorrect or obsolete.

The Pisa University virtual map has up to date informations about all Pisa University personnel.
NOTE: in the lists (link) denotes pages not on this server.
(last updated: 2017-03-17)