Intensive period on
Teichmüller theory and surfaces in 3-manifolds

CRM De Giorgi, Pisa, 26 May - 20 June 2014






 Workshop (9-13 June)

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The aim of this intensive period held at Centro De Giorgi (see the picture on the right) is to bring together researchers who are interested in the following topics:

 Riemann surfaces, hyperbolic surfaces, CP1-structures

 Geometric structures on Riemann surfaces, representation of surface groups

 Teichmüller theory, special mappings between surfaces

 Riemannian and Lorentzian 3-manifolds of constant curvature

 Surfaces immersed in 3-manifolds, minimal surfaces

During weeks I, II and IV there will be mini-courses and research talks.
workshop will take place during the third week (9-13 June).

More detailed information about the program may be found here.


Scientific committee:

Steve Kerckhoff (Stanford University)
Bruno Martelli (University of Pisa)
Jean-Marc Schlenker (Universität Luxemburg)
Michael Wolf (Rice University)

Organizing committee:

Francesco Bonsante (University of Pavia)
Roberto Frigerio (University of Pisa)
Gabriele Mondello (“Sapienza” University of Rome)




FIRB 2010 "Low-dimensional geometry and topology" (RBFR10GHHH_003)

GEAR Network

Foundation Compositio Mathematica

University of Luxembourg

CRM De Giorgi

Dep. of Math.
University of Pisa

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University of Rome - Sapienza

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