26 - 30 september 2011   Erice (Italy)

The workshop will be held in Erice, Sicily, Italy at the

"E. Majorana" Centre for Scientific Culture

via Guarnotta, 26  -  91016 Erice, (Trapani)  -  Sicily, ITALY

phone: +39 0923 869133   fax: +39 0923 869226

Erice is an outstanding historical small village in West Sicily, where art is intermixed with nature and since many years also science, because of the presence of the "Ettore Majorana" Centre.
Erice means 2500 years of history, but also of good food. Indeed, in Erice the Sicilian food reach, mathematically speaking, its absolute maximum...

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How to reach Erice: the easiest way to reach Erice is either via Palermo or via Trapani. Then the "E. Majorana" Centre will provide transportation to Erice from Palermo or Trapani airports, seaports or railway stations. Participants are expected to arrive and to leave in the following days:

Arrival day: September 25, 2011  -  Departure day: October 1, 2011

Some photos of Erice