Three-manifolds up to complexity 10

Classification of closed orientable irreducible 3-manifolds
having a triangulation with at most 10 tetrahedra.

You can see here the tables of the manifolds we have found in complexity 1 to 9.
For each complexity we list the manifolds according to their geometry and JSJ
decomposition, and we provide a summarizing table.  See below for important
conventions used in the tables, and here for the computer programs used to find the data.

    - Complexity 1: tables

    - Complexity 2: tables

    - Complexity 3: tables

    - Complexity 4: tables

    - Complexity 5: tables

    - Complexity 6: tables

    - Complexity 7: tables

    - Complexity 8: tables

    - Complexity 9: tables

    - Complexity 10: tables
(this census refers to the following list of small hyperbolic manifolds
not included in SnapPea's list, because they have very short geodesics)

Conventions used in the tables:

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