INdAM Meeting
Geometric topology in Cortona
Interactions of quantum topology and hyperbolic geometry

A conference in honor of Riccardo Benedetti for his 60th birthday

3-7 June 2013





Practical information

The aim of this conference, located at the Palazzone in Cortona (Tuscany, Italy), is to bring together researchers in geometric and quantum topology, mainly focusing on 3-manifolds, hyperbolic geometry, and quantum invariants.

  • Ian AGOL (UC Berkeley)
  • Daniele ALESSANDRINI (Heidelberg)
  • Stéphane BASEILHAC (Montpellier 2)
  • Jeff BROCK (Brown)
  • Francis BONAHON (USC)
  • Michel BOILEAU (Toulouse)
  • Francesco COSTANTINO (Strasbourg)
  • Jeffrey DANCIGER (Austin)
  • Neil HOFFMAN (MPIM Bonn)
  • Effie KALFAGIANNI (Michigan State)
  • Marc LACKENBY (Oxford)
  • Chris LEININGER (Illinois)
  • Julien MARCHÉ (Jussieu)
  • Hitoshi MURAKAMI (Tokyo)
  • Carlo PETRONIO (Pisa)
  • Julien ROGER (Rutgers)
  • Jean-Marc SCHLENKER (Toulouse)
  • Juan SOUTO (Vancouver BC)
  • Roland VAN DER VEEN (Amsterdam)
Organizers: Francesco Bonsante (Pavia), David Futer (Temple), Bruno Martelli (Pisa), Gabriele Mondello (Roma), Jessica Purcell (Brigham Young)