After the meetings in Flint (1995), Winnipeg (1998), Leuven (2000), and Adelaide (2002), the fifth edition of the international conference on Matrix Analytic Methods (MAM5) will be organized by the University of Pisa in June of 2005. The conference is held at the Department of Mathematics in Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 5 (former Via Buonarroti, 2), Pisa.

The conference will provide an international forum for:

  • presenting recent results on theory, algorithms and applications concerning matrix-analytic methods in stochastic models;
  • discussing methodologies and the related algorithmic analysis;
  • improving collaborations among researchers in applied probability, engineering and numerical analysis;
  • tracing the current state of the art and the lines of the future research, pointing out the main topics of interest.

Organizing Committee
Conference chair:
  Dario A. Bini, University of Pisa, Italy
Program co-chairs:
  Guy Latouche, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Beatrice Meini, University of Pisa, Italy
Organizing committee members:
  Ana da Silva Soares, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Paola Favati, IIT, CNR, Pisa, Italy
Giuseppe Fiorentino, Luca Gemignani, Bruno Iannazzo, Ornella Menchi, University of Pisa, Italy
Scientific advisory committee:
  Attahiru Alfa, University of Manitoba, Canda
Nigel Bean, University of Adelaide, Australia
Lothar Breuer, University of Trier, Germany
Srinivas Chakravarthy, Kettering University, USA
Tugrul Dayar, Bilkent University, Turkey
Winfried Grassmann, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
David Green, University of Adelaide, Australia
Chun-Hua Guo, University of Regina, Canada
Qi-Ming He, Dalhousie University, Canada
A. Krishnamoorthy, Cochin University of Science and Technology, India
Dirk Kroese, University of Queensland, Australia
Ho-Woo Lee, Sung Kyun Kwan University, Korea
Marcel F. Neuts, The University of Arizona, USA
Bo Friis Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Shoichi Nishimura, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
António Pacheco, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal
V. Ramaswami, AT&T Labs, USA
Marie-Ange Remiche, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Werner Scheinhardt, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Bruno Sericola, IRISA-INRIA, Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu, France
Evgenia Smirni, College of William and Mary, USA
Mark Squillante, IBM T.J. Watson Research Centre, USA
Tetsuya Takine, Kyoto University, Japan
Peter Taylor, University of Melbourne, Australia
Miklós Telek, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary
Erik van Doorn, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Benny van Houdt, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Qiang Ye, University of Kentucky, USA