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All views expressed in this page are ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY my personal point of view and not NECESSARILY of those of the department of Mathematics of the University of Pisa.

Af qalaad aqoontu miyaa, maya maya maahee afqalaad aqoontu miyaa, maya maya!
Siday nala tahay anagee, waa inbuu qofba Eebe geshaa

After almost 6 years and half, I found few minutes of time to update these pages. All what did is to remove the old broken links, and to maintain the rest of the pages unchanged as they were when I was student. Few entries are also added to the links section. I thank the Department of Mathematics of the University of Pisa for hosting my Ethnomathematics related pages, and the Somali Mathematical Terminology Language related issues pages.

New entries:

A friend of Somaliland people, Yvette, who is visiting there for her first time in Somaliland, set up a wonderful and informative weblog where she narrates on daily basis the real life of the people for whom she is being a guest. She recently posted this picture which shows my elementry school (Sinaay). This is wonderful gift from home which takes my memory back days.

New Publication

The latest book of Jama Musse Jama

JAMA@DM.UNIPI.IT is NOT anymore valid. Please use jama@mail.dm.unipi.it for information on these pages.

New Publication
Jama Musse Jama, Layli Goobalay: Variante Somala del "Gioco Nazionale Africano" Ponte Invisibile Edizioni, 2002, ISBN: 88-88934-00-6

New Software
Layli 1.0 is released. Layli is free software to play Layli Goobalay (Somaliland traditional board game) against the Computer. (Apr 8, 2002).

Old links
  Who is Jama Musse Jama? More about me.
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     Hargeisa view: Almost twenty years ago (ref. 1986)
       Idaacadda Hargeisa (Unofficial homepage of my home city: Hargeisa and the history of its Radio)

  Ethnomathematics: an absolutely essential key for Mathematics Education
  BiFoEtMa Bibliography Finder for EthnoMathematics
  The First International Congress on Ethnomathemtics (Granada, from 2 to 5 September of 1998)
  The Second International Congress on Ethnomathemtics (Federal University of Ouro Preto ,BRAZIL )

Somaliland & Somalia
  The Somali language and scientific terminology: since 1972?
    The Somali-English-Italian trilingual online dictionary

  Dedicated to Shax: The preferred game of our camel-herders
  Somaliland Traditional Games

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