Structured  Numerical Linear Algebra Problems:

Algorithms and Applications

Cortona, Italy, September 19-24, 2004

The workshop, organized by D.A. Bini, is supported by
INDAM, the National Institute of High Mathematics, and by the
MIUR project "Structured matrix analysis: numerical methods and applications"

The aims of the meeting  are:

Topics of the workshop are: Organizing Committe:  F. Di Benedetto, D. Fasino, L. Gemignani, N. Mastronardi, M. Redivo-Zaglia, G. Rodriguez, S. Serra and V. Simoncini.

The workshop will take place at Villa Passerini, a XVI century monumental palace, also known as Il Palazzone, which  is located at walking distance (1 km) from the center of Cortona a village of Etruscan origin in Tuscany.

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Pictures of the Conference (By D. Bini)

Pictures of the Conference (By N. Higham)

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