Workshop Dispersive equations of Math Physics

Workshop with participation of young researchers from Japan, Russia, China, Italy (Bary, LÁquila, Roma, Pisa) and Bulgaria.


Pisa, 6-8 February, 2020,

Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa,

Aula Magna




Speakers, talks and abstracts
speakers title link to abstarcts
Paolo Antonelli On the quantum Navier-Stokes system with non-trivial far-field:
existence of finite energy weak solutions and low Mach number limit
Jacopo Bellazzini Finite energy traveling waves for the Gross-Pitaevskii equation in the subsonic regime link
Piero D'Ancona Global Strichartz estimates for an inhomogeneous Maxwell system link
Michele Dolce Separation of time-scales in a drift-diffusion equation with
radial advection on 2-d
Donatella Donatelli Dispersive behaviour in the scale limit analysis in fluid dynamics modelling link
Kazumasa Fujiwara Blow up for non gauge invariant NLS  
Tianxiang Gou Standing waves to nonlinear Chern-Simons-Schroedinger equation with prescribed L^2-norm link
Yuan Li The Blowup solutions for the mass critical fractional
Schroedinger equation
Sandra Lucente Fujita regularity exponent for scale invariant damping semilinear wave equation link
Pierangelo Marcati Linear stability (and instability) for shear flows in the Compressible Euler Equations in 2-D link
Jmmy Alfonso Mauro Estimates in Morrey-Campanato spaces of a suitable weak solution of the Navier-Stokes equations, satisfying an extra-condition link
Elena Nikolova Strichartz estimates for NLS  
Raffaele Scandone Global well-posedness for the non-linear Maxwell-Schroedinger system link
Nico Michele Schiavone Heat-like and wave-like behaviour of the lifespan estimates for wave equations with scale-invariant damping and mass link
Tokio Matsuyama Locale energy decay otside trapping obstacles  
Koichi Taniguchi Global dynamics for semilinear heat equations in energy spaces associated with self-adjoint operators link
Mirko Tarulli Decay and Scattering in energy space for the solution of generalised
Hartree equation
Nicola Visciglia On the growth of solutions to a family of Schroedinger equations. link


Preliminary Program of the talks


Paolo Antonelli GSSI, L'Aquila, Italy
Jacopo Bellazzini University of Sassari, Italy
Ferruccio Colombini University of Pisa, Italy
Giulio Del Corso GSSI, L'Aquila, Italy
Piero D'Ancona University of Roma I, Italy
Donatella Donatelli University of L'Aquila, Italy
Kazumasa Fujiwara Tohoku, University, Sendai, Japan
Tianxiang Gou Lanzhou University of China and University of Pisa,Italy
Yuan Li Lanzhou University of China and University of Pisa,Italy
Sandra Lucente University of Bary, Italy
Piero Marcati GSSI, L'Aquila, Italy
Alessandro Palmieri University of Pisa, Italy
Jmmy Alfonso Mauro Docente MIUR, Italy
Tokio Matsuyama Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan
Elena Nikolova Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria
Raffaele Scandone GSSI, L'Aquila, Italy
Nico Schiavone University of Roma I, Italy
Boris Shakarov GSSI, L'Aquila, Italy
Koichi Taniguchi Nagoya University, Japan
Mirko Tarulli Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria
Nicola Visciglia University of Pisa, Italy






Organizing Committee

Kazumasa Fujiwara (Tohoku University, Sendai), Alessandro Palmieri (Dipartimento di Matematica, Universita' di Pisa), Vladimir Georgiev (Dipartimento di Matematica, Universita' di Pisa).



Partially supported by Top Global University Project of Waseda University,UNIT: MULTISCALE ANALYSIS, MODELLING and SIMULATION and by University of Pisa,