INdAM Meeting
Geometric topology in Cortona

4-10 June 2017





Practical information

The aim of this conference, located at the Palazzone in Cortona (Tuscany, Italy), is to bring together researchers in geometric topology, especially interested in hyperbolic geometry, geometric structures on manifolds, and representation spaces.

There will be three minicourses, held by (i) Joan Porti, (ii) Alan Reid, and (iii) Jean-Marc Schlenker, Ken Bromberg, and Jeff Brock, plus some one-hour research talks.

The conference will start on Monday 5 at 9 am, and will end on Friday 9 afternoon. We advise the pariticipants to arrive on Sunday 4 and leave on Saturday 10.

In accordance with the Statement of Inclusiveness, this event will be open to everybody, regardless of race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, pregnancy, immigration status, or any other aspect of identity.


  • Joan PORTI (Barcelona)
  • Alan REID (Austin)
  • Jean-Marc SCHLENKER (Luxembourg), Ken BROMBERG (Utah), and Jeff BROCK (Brown)
Research talks:
  • Martin BRIDGEMAN (Boston College)
  • Jeffrey DANCIGER (Austin)
  • Colin GUILLARMOU (Paris ENS)
  • Anna LENZHEN (Rennes)
  • Sara MALONI (Brown)
  • Yair MINSKY (Yale)
  • Kate PETERSEN (Tallahassee)
  • Maria Beatrice POZZETTI (Warwick)
  • Andrea SEPPI (Pavia)
Organizers: Francesco Bonsante (Pavia), Jeff Brock (Brown), Ken Bromberg (Utah), Dick Canary (Michigan), Bruno Martelli (Pisa), Gabriele Mondello (Roma).
We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of:
  • The INdAM
  • The FIRB project "Geometry and topology of low-dimensional manifolds"
  • The Foundation Compositio Mathematica
  • The University of Pisa
  • The National Science Foundation