INdAM Meeting
Geometric topology in Cortona
Interactions of quantum topology and hyperbolic geometry

A conference in honor of Riccardo Benedetti for his 60th birthday

3-7 June 2013





Practical information

The conference is located at the Palazzone, a Renaissance building in Cortona. The google-map coordinates of the Palazzone are shown in the right.

How to get there:

By car:

Take the Autostrada A1, the main (and only) highway connecting Rome to Florence, and exit at Valdichiana. Right after the toll gate exit take the E45 freeway (slip road from Siena to Perugia) in the direction of Perugia and then take the second exit for Cortona (Cortona San Lorenzo). You will just need to follow the street signs to arrive to the SS71 road in Camucia and to continue to Cortona.

By train:

There are two train stations, Terontola-Cortona and Camucia-Cortona, both on the railway connecting Florence to Rome. Both stations are connected to Cortona by bus. You can find the bus schedule here (key: F, FT = Monday-Saturday; L* = Monday-Friday; A6 = Saturday; H* = Sunday). The Terontola station is 11 km from Cortona and the Camucia station is 5 km from Cortona. You can also take a taxi from the train station to the Palazzone.
The train schedules can be obtained from the official timetable, or alternatively at the DB, which also covers non-italian train stations.

By plane:

The most convenient airports are:

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The Palazzone is 20' walk from Cortona. Here is a list of hotels: please mention that you are a participant at the conference when you book your room.

Every hotel has a kind of daily tourism tax which must be charged only for the first four days of your staying. Add +39 to every telephone number when calling from outside Italy.
  • Hotel Oasi Neumann, Via delle contesse, 1
    Email: info at servizire dot it
    Tel: 0575 630354 or 0575 630127
    Daily tourism tax: Euro 2,00
    Single room: Euro 55,00
    Double room: Euro 76,00
    This is the closest hotel to the Palazzone, located in the way between the Palazzone and Cortona. We have already booked some rooms here, so please mention that you are a participant at the conference.

  • Hotel Sabrina, Via Roma, 37
    Tel: 0575 601765
    Daily tourism tax: Euro 2,00
    Double room for single use: Euro 70,00
    Double room: Euro 80,00

  • B&B Dolce Maria, Via Ghini, 12
    Email: info at cortonastorica dot com
    Tel: 0575 601577
    Daily tourism tax: Euro 1,50
    Double room for single use: Euro 75,00
    Double room: Euro 90,00

  • Hotel S. Luca, Piazza Garibaldi, 1
    Email: info at sanlucacortona dot com
    Tel: 0575 630460
    Daily tourism tax: Euro 3,00
    Single room: Euro 65,00
    Double room: Euro 95,00

  • Hotel S. Michele, Via Guelfa, 15
    Email: info at hotelsanmichele dot net
    Tel: 0575 604348
    Daily tourism tax: Euro 3,00
    Single room: Euro 94,00
    Double room for single use: Euro 109,00
    Double room: Euro 114,00

  • Hotel Villa Marsili, Viale C. Battisti, 13
    Email: info at villamarsili dot net
    Tel: 0575 605252
    Daily tourism tax: Euro 3,00
    Single room: Euro 80,00
    Double room: from Euro 110,00

  • Istituto Santa Margherita, Via C. Battisti, 17
    Email: comunitacortona at smr dot it
    Tel: 0575 1787203
    Daily tourism tax: Euro 1,50
    Single room: Euro 40,00 + 5,00 for breakfast
    Double room: Euro 54,00 + 10,00 for breakfast
    Double room for single use: Euro 45,00 + 5,00 for breakfast

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  • A Palazzone (=conference place)
  • B Hotel Oasi
  • C Hotel Sabrina
  • D B&B Dolce Maria
  • E Hotel S. Luca
  • F Hotel S. Michele
  • G Hotel Villa Marsili
  • H Istituto Santa Margherita