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Applications of ultrafilters in combinatorial number theory
and related topics

January 24-25, 2013, Pisa.

Scientific Committee:
Imre Leader  (Univ. Cambridge, UK), Dona Strauss (Univ. Leeds, UK)
Mauro Di Nasso (Univ. Pisa)

CRM - Centro di Ricerca Matematica "E. De Giorgi"
Chair: Mauro Di Nasso

E-mail: ultracombinatorics@dm.unipi.it
(La registrazione e' chiusa, ma chi e' interessato puo' ugualmente partecipare. Alcune cartelline saranno a disposizione anche di chi non e' riuscito a registrarsi in tempo.)


This workshop aims to bring together European researchers interested in the applications of ultrafilters in combinatorics
of numbers, and related topics.
The talks will present recent results in this area and provide an updated overview of the subject.
The main goal of this meeting is to disseminate information about the various techniques related to the use of ultrafilters
(including algebra in the space betaN and nonstandard analysis) and their potential to attack open problems in Ramsey theory
and number theory.

The workshop poster can be downloaded by clicking here.


People who plan to participate in this workshop must register at the official CRM web page of the workshop:

There are no registration fees to attend this workshop, and anyone with an interest in the programme is warmly invited to participate at any stage.

Contributed talks are invited. To submit a proposal, refer to the official CRM web site of the workshop:
(The submission deadline is Friday, January 4, 2013).

Depending on the funds available, accommodation expenses at an agreed Residence in Pisa, will be covered to some graduate students and young researchers.
See section "Support" for details.

The organization of ULTRA-COMBINATORICS is not involved in reservations of hotels.

Invited speakers

Mathias Beiglboeck
Univ. Wien, Austria

Sabine Koppelberg
Berlin Freie Univ., Germany

Imre Leader
Univ. Cambridge, UK

David Ross
Univ. Hawaii, USA & Univ. Oslo, Norway

Dona Strauss
Univ. Leeds, UK


Financial support for this meeting is provided by the PRIN-MIUR grant "O-minimalita', teoria degli insiemi, metodi e modelli nonstandard e applicazioni".

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