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International Congress M.ARI.AN. 2004

Nonstandard Models of Arithmetic and Analysis

June 25-26, 2004, Pisa.

Scientific Committee:
Marco Forti (Univ. Pisa), Mauro Di Nasso (Univ. Pisa, Italia),
Karel Hrbacek (CUNY, New York) Roman Kossak (CUNY, New York)

Organizer: Mauro Di Nasso (Univ. Pisa, Italia)


Due to the large number of speakers, invited talks will be given 40 minutes (+5 minutes for questions/remarks) and contributed talks will given 20 minutes (+5 minutes for questions/remarks). Contributed talks will be organized in two parallel sessions, the first one on Friday (4+4 talks) and the second one on Saturday (3+3 talks). All sessions will be held at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Pisa, via Buonarroti 2 (see the map).

The social dinner of the congress will be on Friday evening, at "Ristorante Teatro Vecchio", Piazza Dante, in the center of Pisa. The price per person is 30 Euros (drinks and service included). You can make your reservation and pay directly at the conference site (Department of Mathematics, via Buonarroti 2) on Friday morning. Please consider that the restaurant is small, and we have to communicate the final list of reservations during the lunch break. So no people can be allowed to the dinner without a reservation.

Here is the pdf file of the final program with schedule of talks.


8:30-9:25     Registration
9:25-9:35     Welcome
9:35-10:15    Invited talk #1
10:20-10:25  Break
10:25-11:05  Invited talk #2
11:10-11:35  Coffee break
11:35-12:15  Invited talk #3
12:20-12:25  Break
12:25-13:05  Invited talk #4

13:10-15:30  Lunch break

15:30-17:05  Contributed talks, Sessions #1 and #2 (4+4 talks in two parallel sessions)
17:10-17:35  Coffee break
17:35-18:15  Invited talk #5
18:20-18:25  Break
18:25-19:05  Invited talk #6

20:30  Social dinner


9:30-10:10    Invited talk #7
10:15-10:20  Break
10:20-11:00  Invited talk #8
11:05-11:30  Coffee break
11:30-12:10  Invited talk #9
12:15-12:20  Break
12:20-13:00  Invited talk #10

13:05-15:20  Lunch break

15:20-16:30  Contributed talks, Sessions ## and #4 (3+3 talks in two parallel sessions)
16:35-16:55  Break
16:55-17:35  Invited talk #11
17:40-17:45  Break
17:45-18:25  Invited talk #12

18:30    Closing ceremony (with wine)

Last modified: June 14, 2004