FCS MATH0 2022/23

Docente: Massimo Caboara

For all the students that were required to take the Math0 class: the final test will be held Friday, November 18th, 14:30-16:30 Room B1, Polo Fibonacci (NOT THE USUAL ROOM F1). The test in MANDATORY but the grades have NO INFLUENCE on your career.

A clarification: the students that are not taking the in person class are REQUIRED to follow the online lessons.

Exercises: Ignore the italian text, solve the exercises.

Proposed exercises 1

 GCD and prime determination Exercises 1
Exercises 2

Roots: proposed exercises
Exercises 1
Exercises 2 Exercises 3 Exercises 4
Linear systems
Exercises 1
Exercises 2
Exercises 3

Lines and parabolas
Exercises 1

Non linear systems
Exercises 1

Circles and second degree systems

Pre tests


Full pre test 1 (with solutions)
Full pre test 2 (with solutions)

This is the group subdivision. During the meeting you will receive tutoring and the group leader will answer any question about the subject.

This is the link to the Team that will be used by the groups.


One book we will use in class as a base is :Elementary Algebra By: Wade Ellis and Denny Burzynski

Class timetable, definitive:

Every Thursday 9:00-12:00
Room F1, Polo Fibonacci
Every Friday 14:30-17:30
Room F1, Polo Fibonacci

The MATH0 class is mandatory for everyone that has not succesfully submitted an entrance test. Attendance is IN PERSON for all the students that are not classified as BLENDED or ONLINE. For standard FCS rules, all students have to follow AT LEAST 70% of the lessons.





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